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Fitting Transportation Pieces Together For NKY Seniors

Adam E. Moreira
Transportation issues will be resolved "in the near future" for Northern Kentucky seniors after SSNK closed.

Northern Kentucky seniors who rely on government funded transportation have had to be patient the last few months after one agency ran out of money. Medical appointments are a priority. Shopping trips may have to wait.

Senior Services of Northern Kentucky (SSNK) shut down last October because of financial difficulties. Since then the Northern Kentucky Area Development District has been trying to fill in the gaps.

TANK and other providers are offering reduced rates temporarily and prioritizing medical and dialysis transportation. Development District Associate Director Anne Wildman says, "There are still approximately 200 weekly round trips that are needing permanent solutions."

A permanent transportation plan is due out in the next few months. According to Wildman, "My Executive Director Lisa Cooper is working with county officials and Andy Aielo from TANK to put together a coordinated transportation plan. This plan is well under way and should be completed in the near future."

Other fee providers, Handi Van and Med Cab, have higher private pay rates. Owen County has its own transit system and, according to Wildman, does not seem to have any gaps in service.

Other services

SSNK was also responsible for home-delivered meals, senior center operations and ombudsman and Title III Transportation. Wildman says by the end of the month Northern Kentucky counties and other organizations will take over the senior centers. Wesley Community services and MOMs Meals have agreed to take additional home-delivered meal clients and the Development District has hired an ombudsman.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.