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UC Names New Police Chief, Assistant Chief

The University of Cincinnati is naming a new Chief of Police and Assistant Chief. The schools is naming Anthony Carter as Police Chief and Maris Herold as Assistant Chief.Both come from the Cincinnati Police Department where each has worked for at least 25 years in various roles. They take over the department June 20.

Carter most recently served as the Chief at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. He retired from Cincinnati PD in 2012.

Herold will retire from Cincinnati PD to assume this new role.

Carter says the UC police department will become a model. "We'll be the place that for years to come, not only in law enforcement whether it's urban or campus policing, that we're talked about. But also, graduates and faculty will want to look back and say, 'those are our officers.'"

He says the trust rebuilding process starts with communication. "In order for us to build trust, we first have to have some communication that gets us to a level of understanding. Understanding doesn't mean agreement. Understanding just means I see your point of view and you see mine. Now let's see if we can agree or reach consensus.

Carter adds he'll be visible and back up his words with heartfelt actions.

"I can't sit here and tell you that we will prevent (another DuBose/Tensing incident), I'll tell you that we'll look at a multitude of circumstances that law enforcement officers are confronted with on a daily basis. We will provide training and supervision for our officers to help them mitigate through those processes where we reduce any type of physical conflict. That's the best that we can provide, training and leadership and supervision."

A search committee received 65 applications and interviewed ten candidates via video conference before narrowing the field to three chief and two assistant chief finalists.

Director of Police Community Relations S. Gregory Baker says UC was looking for leader who would be drawn to its challenges. "Individuals that had the ability to build bridges between campus law enforcement and the communities, the multiple diverse communities within UC. I'm not just talking about black and white, but we have multiple communities on campus as well as the external customers that we have off campus."

Former Chief Jason Goodrich and Assistant Chief Tim Thornton turned resigned Feb. 26. The resignations came after the hiring of EXIGER Advisory to conduct a comprehensive review of the UC Police Department. The review was deemed necessary after the shooting death of Sam DuBose on July 19, 2015 by former UC officer Ray Tensing. Tensing has since been fired and awaits an October trial on a murder charge. The university has settled with the DuBose family.

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