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UC Approves Tobacco Ban On All Campuses

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The University of Cincinnati is telling students, staff and visitors to say goodbye to smoking on campus. The board of trustees Tuesday voted to ban all forms of tobacco on all campuses."That means there will be no tobacco in any forms, no vaping, no chewing tobacco, no smoking of tobacco products," says Greg Vehr, vice president of communications.

"The university has substantial commitments to health related research, teaching, and patient care. As a result, the university community has a particular obligation to be sensitive to health protection issues, and because of that, the university intends to provide a 100 percent tobacco and smoke-free environment."

The new rule takes effect May 1, 2017.

"There will be smoking cessation opportunities for people and we will be working to educate people on the ways to stop smoking or stop using those products, or encouraging them to do them at times when they're not on campus," says Vehr.

Vehr says the university is mainly focused on education efforts to curb smoking. However, the rule does say employees could be subject to disciplinary actions for violating Ohio smoking laws; students could be subject to sanctions for violating the student code of conduct; and visitors could be denied access to campus for violating the rule.

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