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Cincinnati Council Keeps Property Tax Rate Steady

Cincinnati City Council has decided to keep collecting $28.9 million in property taxes to support the city's general fund budget.  

It has been at that amount for several years despite suggestions from city administrators to increase it.  

Council voted 7-1 in favor of keeping the amount steady.

"I do feel like of all the revenue tools we have, even in the smallest way, asking people who've made the biggest commitment to the city of Cincinnati to do more isn't the first one that we should use," said Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld.

The city manager had proposed increasing the property tax rate to the maximum allowed in the city charter, which is 6.1 mills.

Vice Mayor David Mann would have supported that plan.

"We're turning our back on $3.2 million and the cost for each property owner in this city who say has a house worth $200,000 is less than $3 a month," Mann said.

Council will have to pass a balanced budget by July 1st.  

The city manager projects with flat property tax revenues the city will have a $9 million general fund budget deficit.