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Family Of Cameo Shooting Victim Preparing Lawsuit

Tana Weingartner
O'Bryan Spikes' mother, Raquel Mitchell (in red at center), speaks to media while surrounded by her family, including Spike's young children.

The family of O'Bryan Spikes wants answers.

"Innocent people should not have to fear for their lives at a dance club," says his sister, Raquice Mitchell.

Spikes was killed March 26 when gunfire broke out inside Cameo Night Club on Kellogg Road. Police have charged one suspect with murder. A second died of wounds received when police and the Hamilton County prosecutor say at least two people involved in a dispute began shooting inside the crowded club. Fifteen people were wounded.

"We all deserve to know how the perpetrators of this crime were able to bring weapons into a club that apparently had metal detectors and other security measures in place intended to prevent this very thing from happening," says Mitchell.

The family is hiring Finney Law Firm to look into the situation for a probable lawsuit.

Cameo Night Club, which has since closed, and owner Julian Rodgers, have a history of problems with weapons and violence. Shooting witnesses have told investigators there appeared to be a second entrance where people could pay extra to avoid standing in line. That entrance also meant skipping the club's weapons check, witnesses report.

The attorneys argue club owner Julian Rodgers knew about the whole thing.

"The owner clearly knew what the security force was doing and either allowed it to happen or instructed it to happen," says attorney Chris Finney. "So, yes, we think that there is great exposure personally and corporately for the night club operator."

Family members say their lives have been changed forever.

Spikes' mother, Raquel Mitchell, says her three daughters looked up to their only brother.

"He was our man. It was us girls and he did everything for us. He took care of us," she says. "We have to get to the bottom of us. We just can't let it go. Not just for him but for everybody else. You should be able to go and have a drink without being killed."

Speaking to media, Mitchell asked anyone with information to come forward. Police are still looking for a third weapon believed to have been used in the shooting, and perhaps a third shooter.

No lawsuit has been filed but Finney says he expects to file in the near future.

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