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Volunteers Sought For Sept. 11 Day Of Service

september 11
Ted S. Warren
LifeSource Blood Service in Chicago was filled with a steady stream of people who showed up to give blood that Tuesday to meet the nationwide need to treat those injured in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Millions of Americans observe the anniversary of Sept. 11 by giving their time and energy to non-profit organizations. Carol Rountree says many cities around the country have organized volunteer events to coincide with the anniversary of Sept. 11. She says Cincinnati hasn't, until now.

Rountree is the chief volunteer officer for Cincinnati Cares, which helps non-profit agencies and organizations find workers.

Rountree says they have found 30 projects from more than two dozen area non-profits that need people. "When I was discussing this with volunteer manager leaders within the city, we all felt very strongly that not only should we honor the actual day of 9/11, we should also include a weekend day where families could volunteer together or people who do not have the luxury to take time off work could be able to volunteer as well," she says.

Cincinnati Cares is encouraging people to sign up before Wednesday.

"There has been a movement after 9/11 to make it a national day of service, so that is kind of the premise of it: let's honor of those who were fallen on that tragic day and lift it up to be a day of not just sadness, but also service," she says.

One of the participating agencies is working with Bengals players and staff. Rountree says there are projects that can be done together by families with children.

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