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Creative Festival Calls For Artists, Good And Bad

Bad Art Night

A coalition wants you to stretch your artistic muscles next week. And if you say you don't have artistic talent, "That's perfect. That's brilliant. That'll be the best!" says Pam Kravetz. "That's what we're hoping."

The Harrison High art educator is part of Bad Art Night, an effort to explore and promote creativity in the Tri-State. Anything created and shared with organizers or on social media with the hashtag #UInspireUsAll will be collected and displayed online. But, the window to submit is only 48 hours long.

Art Academy of Cincinnati associate professor Matt Dayler first created Bad Art Night as a regular in-person event at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. But since the library - and most other institutions - are closed by the coronavirus pandemic, Dayler and Kravetz decided to take the show online.

"It's all about the kids," Dayler says. "All about the families, everybody at home just trapped inside. Just sharing the creative things they're doing at home."

Kravetz adds, "It's a great opportunity for families and kids and also people who are by themselves at home. This is a wonderful way to bring us all together."

As cited earlier, artistic experience is not a prerequisite. Anything creative will do, Dayler says. "Cooking is an art form. Fashion is an art form. There's so many different art forms. I think people get hung up on 'I have to paint or I have to draw.' If people just look around them to the things they love aesthetically, the things that get their ideas flowing. You don't have to be an artist to participate in this at all."

Dayler says if you need some inspiration, you can craft a message to medical personnel and first responders, or just to your neighbors.

But if you still need a little help, Dayler and Kravetz will be hosting a webcast with special guests to start things off. That starts Wednesday at 7 p.m. "This should be very inspiring and silly and fun and joyful," Kravetz says.

Bad Art Night was created with help from Artworks, the Art Academy, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and AGAR.


This story has been updated to clarify the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is one of the presenters.

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