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Keep Those Cicada Corpses In Your Lawn And More To Discuss With Gardening Experts

Michael Monks
A cicada takes a break in downtown Covington.

The Brood X cicadas are just about finishing their visit - 17 years in the making - in which they emerge from the ground to mate and fly around us. Their short above-ground lifespans have just about ended, and now their children look forward to 2038.

But all those cicada corpses you see around town and in your yard are actually beneficial to the ecosystem: they provide needed nitrogen for trees.

We will talk about that, as well as where you need to be right now with your gardens, your plants, landscaping, trees and more in Cincinnati Edition's monthly gardening show.

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We are joined by Campbell County Extension Office Agent Sarah Stolz and Turner Farm Community Garden Program Director Peter Huttinger.

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