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What enhancements do you want to see for the pedestrian bridge over Gilbert Avenue?

A computer rendered image of a bridge over a multi-lane highway.
The replacement bridge will connect Downtown with Mt. Adams, and will be more accessible than the current span.

Preliminary plans for a new pedestrian bridge connecting Downtown with Mt. Adams are finished, but the Ohio Department of Transportation wants more public input before going forward. The replacement will be built in roughly the same location, but ODOT wants to know what, if any, aesthetic enhancements should be included.

The project will tear down the existing ornate bridge over Gilbert Avenue that serves as a visual gateway to Downtown. ODOT says any enhancements to the new pedestrian bridge will be the city of Cincinnati's responsibility.

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Technically, there are two bridges, both built in the 1960s: one spanning I-71, and another over Gilbert. A release from ODOT says a replacement is needed because the two crossings are starting to deteriorate and engineers are concerned about safety.

In January 2023, ODOT announced the replacement would be a single, 12-foot-wide, ADA-compliant structure. At that time, the cost was estimated at $6.6 million, with construction expected to start in 2026.

Designers are looking for suggestions on both baseline and enhanced aesthetics online.

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