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WCET-TV Looking For Golden 'Action Auction' Memories


To celebrate the 50th "Action Auction" in April 2017, WCET-TV wants viewers and former volunteers to share their memories about the station's – and city's – biggest annual fund-raiser.

“The 'Action Auction' has been a huge part of this community for the past 50 years, and our goal is to capture as many stories as possible to help commemorate the history and excitement of this event,” says Mary MacDowell, CET events manager.

Maybe you got a great bargain, treasured keepsake or favorite sports collectible from Channel 48. Or some really fine wine.

Credit WCET-TV
"Action Auction" phone bank

Perhaps you made lifelong friendships volunteering at the Auction, or met a popular TV/radio/sports personality in Studio A. Or in the LaRosa's dining area for Auction workers in Studio B.

Did you answer phones and take bids with your office coworkers? Maybe you tripped over a cable and fell face first – on camera! – when running bids from the phone bank to the sales board.

Or you took vacation from your job at another Cincinnati TV station to operate cameras during "Auction" week? (Many alumni come home to help get the "Auction" on the air.)

"We’re looking to share Auction-related stories from the community to help celebrate the event’s anniversary.  This is a huge milestone for CET and the Cincinnati area," says Kellie May, CET public relations and digital media specialist.

Credit WCET-TV

"Stories can come in the form of a video recording, an audio clip or even a photo with a written excerpt. If you have a story to share – or know someone who does – please send your submission to actionauction@cetconnect.org. Your submissions may be shared on CET’s website, on social media and/or on-air" in honor of the 50th CET "Action Auction." April 25-29, 2017, May says.

WCET-TV, the nation's first licensed public TV station , started as an "educational TV" station in 1954 with 90 percent of its funding coming from schools districts, universities, the public library and Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The "Action Auction" was created after a 1966 fiscal crisis, when the Cincinnati Board of Education withdrew $117,000 after a school tax levy defeat. The first “Action Auction” raised $31,000 in 1968.

You can see some of the "Action Auction" memories recorded here on the CET website.