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Morality Clause In Cincinnati Catholic Teacher Contract Subject Of New Film

culture of silence

When the Archdiocese of Cincinnati presented a new employment contract for educators, it included a morality clause forbidding public support of the "homosexual lifestyle." The move sparked online petitions and protests from teachers and students. Amid the controversy, the Archdiocese updated the language of the contract, changing "public support" to "advocacy," but Archdiocese officials maintain that the changes were not in response to the backlash.

Several teachers chose to resign rather than sign the employment contract. Now, a new film features interviews with some of those educators as well as students who discuss how the contract impacted the classroom. A Culture of Silence: Being LGBTQ in Catholic Schools premieres March 29 and 30 at the Esquire Theatre. Tickets are available online and at the door.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the film are Director and Producer Eunice Charlton-Trujillo; Executive Producer Josh Wagoner; and former Catholic school teacher Molly Schumate.

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