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Seven Hills students design an election system from scratch


The results are in, in one of the largest high school mock elections in the country. More than 50,000 ballots were cast in the "Votes" project, including students from Cincinnati's Seven Hills School.

The teenagers in Jen Faber's American History class planned this election from scratch.

"The students designed this election in that they chose to do registration. They created an electoral college system."

They also designed the ballot with the help of an art teacher, wrote the text, recruited poll workers, held the election for the entire student body and analyzed the results. Senior Henry Head says Seven Hills also had two assemblies.

"And we allowed people to campaign around the school for different issues and there was no mudslinging because we felt there was some in the "real" election."

There was a 90% turnout in the mock election, covered by student reporter Jay Panandicker.

"So I basically wrote out statistics and made graphs for the paper and we kind of analyzed the results of this election, kind of compared it to what will happen in the "real" election.

Here are the national results.