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Counter Points is written by WVXU Senior Political Analyst Howard Wilkinson. In it, he shares insights on political news on the local, state and national level that impacts the 2020 election. Counter Points is delivered once a week on Wednesdays and will cease publication soon after the November election is decided.

Politics Chat: So Far, So Good For Postal Service And Election Officials In Early Voting

early voting
Bill Rinehart
Voters line up outside of the Hamilton Board of Elections on the first day of early voting on Oct. 3, 2020.

Over 1.2 million Ohioans have already voted in the Nov. 3 election, both by absentee ballots and in-person early voting at county boards of elections.

It seems that election officials and the U.S. Postal Service are having few problems handling the massive number of early voters.

WVXU Senior Political Analyst Howard Wilkinson spoke with News Director Maryanne Zeleznik about early voting. He says that Democrats are far more likely to use the absentee ballots than Republicans. According to a recent poll, 65% of Ohio Republicans say they plan to vote at their polling places on Nov. 3.

Howard Wilkinson is in his 50th year of covering politics on the local, state and national levels.