Homeless To Work Pilot Program Vote Delayed

Mar 16, 2016

A Cincinnati Council majority seems to like the idea of providing seasonal jobs to about 15 to 20 homeless people.  

But there are some who have concerns about using $50,000 from a city contingency fund to pay for it.

“I like the project and I support the project, but I don’t support it coming out of the contingency at all,” Council Member Amy Murray said.  “I wouldn’t want to vote on it until I know where the money is coming from.  I just think for policy decisions we should know where the money is coming from before we vote on it.”

City administrators are trying to find another funding source.

The pilot program is a partnership with the city and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition the Parks Board, and Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority.

Council Member Yvette Simpson would still like the pilot program to begin this year.

“We will assure that the dollars will be accounted for. We will assure that we will give updates. We will assure that there will be a report on outcomes at the end of this pilot program,” Simpson said.

There are similar programs in New Mexico and Nevada.

The goal is to test the concept this year and then allow it to continue in the future without city money.