LaunchCincy va Español

May 16, 2014

The Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance (CiNBA) is partnering with Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati to initiate LaunchCincy Juntos, a program designed to help generate small business opportunities for Greater Cincinnati's growing Hispanic community.

In neighborhoods like Price Hill and Carthage, CiNBA has begun a pilot program in conjunction with Price Hill Will and Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio's Su Casa Center to present a series of workshops that encourage working cooperatively, promote community involvement and provide Spanish speakers with the tools they need to start their own businesses.

LaunchCincy Juntos is is part of the Williams College of Business's X-LINK initiative to engage local enterprise.

I met with Owen Raisch from the Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance (CiNBA) who, with Xavier faculty member Joe Carter, helped start the LaunchCincy program.

"Y Ahora Juntos" by Gloria Matancera and Israel Diaz Sanchez from the album Latin Quarter