Thanks To My Loyal Readers!

Jul 1, 2016

Sketch by Jim Borgman when we appeared together during a 1992 WVXU-FM fund-raiser.
Credit Jim Borgman

A year ago today, I revived my TV/Media blog here at WVXU.

I just want to say thanks to all my loyal readers and fans who followed me to Cincinnati Public Radio, and regularly check out my posts.

I love it here at WVXU, it's the perfect fit for me.

They've given me the freedom to continue writing about commercial and public TV, and commercial and public radio -- basically all the competition for this nonprofit station which pays me – as I did for 30 years at the Enquirer. I don't know of another public or commercial radio station which does this.

I interviewed Dusty Rhodes in June for our two-hour Beatles special airing later this summer.
Credit WVXU

In addition to writing the blog, I've done some on-air interviews, including working on a 2-hour Beatles special to air later this summer.

I'm truly blessed. If you enjoy reading my posts, you can show your appreciation by financially supporting WVXU, and tuning in to hear "Morning Edition," "Cincinnati Edition," "All Things Considered," "Around Cincinnati" and all the other informative and/or entertaining shows.