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2017 Total Solar Eclipse Information


Coming Monday, August 21, the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse is expected to be one of the most viewed astronomical events ever! It's the first eclipse that will be seen from coast to coast in 99 years.

With the path of totality (full darkness) stretching from Oregon to South Carolina, each of the 48 contiguous states will experience some percentage of the eclipse. In the Greater Cincinnati area, we will be around 90% coverage.

There are right and wrong (very wrong) ways to view an eclipse.  Please take a look at this information from our friends at the Cincinnati Observatory to make sure you are ready to safely enjoy the eclipse.

To know more about eclipses, safe viewing options, terminology, some personal experiences and more, we have three great listening options for you:

Our podcast, Looking Up, has done two episodes about the eclipse:

  • With guest Michael Bakich from Astronomy magazine
  • With guest James Albury, co-host of PBS' Star Gazers and Director of the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium at Santa Fe College in Florida

On a recent Cincinnati Edition, Mark Heyne and his guests from the Cincinnati Observatory, BB&T Observatory at Thomas More College, Sky & Telescope magazine, and Hopkinsville, Kentucky discussed the eclipse for the full hour.

Plus, on Monday, August 21, we will have a special episode of Here & Now - dedicated to exclusive coverage of the Total Solar Eclipse.

You can also follow the astronomical phenomenon's journey across America along with NPR journalists and others experiencing the eclipse:


We hope you enjoy experiencing the wonder of this solar eclipse - stay safe and keep Looking Up!