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Jones: I'm still the coach here


UC's football team is looking forward to playing in the Belk Bowl on December 27, but whether Butch Jones will be leaving to coach another school is still up in the air.  At a news conference Tuesday, reporters were told the focus would be on that upcoming game against Duke, and Jones stuck to that when the first questions came about whether he was staying or going.

"We're just excited and it's all about our football team," said Jones.  "I think all you have to do is look at my past, and the past years of what's happened, and I'm still the head football coach here, and I think that speaks volumes." 

Jones said he'd end the news conference if questions about his job status continued.  The Denver Post is reporting that Colorado has offered Jones a 5-year contract worth more than $13.5 million.  The article stated that a decision was expected Tuesday.

Jones said it's an honor and a privilege for the Bearcats to be playing in the Belk Bowl.  This will be UC's 14th bowl appearance in the 125 years it's been playing football.  While it's not a Bowl Championship Series game, Jones said a bowl game is meaningful and a reward for players and fans. 

Will Webb with the Belk Bowl said his organization has had an eye on UC for some time.  He doesn't expect Cincinnati to have any trouble selling its allotment of 12,500 tickets given  the team's loyal fan base.