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SCPA teacher wins Badwater race

Badwater race director Chris Kostman

With extreme changes in elevation and high temperatures, the Badwater Ultramarathonis billed as the world's toughest foot race.  A Cincinnati runner has won this year's event in California.  38-year-old Harvey Lewis teaches social studies at the School for Creative and Performing Arts, and said his accomplishment truly had not sunk in yet.

"It feels like almost a dream, especially because it's something that's been literally a dream for me to accomplish, and it's just a phenomenal feeling," said Lewis.

Add to the dream-like feeling the fact that Lewis suffered a broken neck ten years ago, and his first-place finish Tuesday is an even more impressive accomplishment.

"I was fortunate to survive, and after that event I actually have become so much faster," he said.  "So it's kind of a neat thing;  I try to encourage people not to put mental limitations on their abilities because you never know what you can do."

It's the fourth time Lewis has run in the Badwater race.  He finished the 135-mile course from Lone Pine, California to the Mount Whitney Portal in 23:52:55--about 50 minutes ahead of the second place finisher.