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Locals Create Newport DIY Skate Park Under I-471 Bridge

Rob Ford, Jeremy Kramer/Cincinnati Magazine
Local skaters created a skate park underneath the I-471 bridge in Newport.

A group of local skaters has designed and constructed a skate park under the I-471 bridge near Newport High School. Dubbed the Newport DIY, the park was an all-volunteer effort, years in the making, and not authorized by city officials. Today, the park is frequented by local skaters on almost any dry day.

Freelance writer Lisa Murtha put together a feature story on the Newport DIY for the May issue of Cincinnati Magazine. She joins us this afternoon, along with two of the men who created the Newport DIY skate park, Gary Collins, owner of The Galaxie Skateshop; and Galaxie founder and former owner, Andrew Martin.

Lisa Murtha's story about the Newport DIY, Lords of Newport, appears in the May issue of Cincinnati Magazine. To read her story online, click here. To learn more about the skate park, click here.