2022 election

nan whaley
John Minchillo / AP

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley has probably been asked the question 1,000 times since the 45-year-old Democrat announced in January that she won't run for a third term as Dayton's mayor: Are you going to run for Ohio governor in 2022?

rob portman
J. Scott Applewhite / AP

In one very important way, it is not at all surprising that Rob Portman has decided to end his long career on Capitol Hill after two terms in the Senate.

nan whaley
Darron Cummings / AP

If you are going to take on an incumbent elected official, it helps to have a fire in your belly and a score to settle with your opponent.

trump portman dewine
John Minchillo / AP

The wrath of Donald Trump is something fearsome to behold.

Especially when one of his fellow Republicans tries to burst the bubble of the fictional scenario inside his head that tells him he somehow won re-election and will be sworn into office for a second term on Jan. 20.

Wrath so awesome it can make grown Republican officeholders quake in fear and scramble to reassure him that Joe Biden is not the president-elect.

john kasich
Jay LaPrete / AP

The Los Angeles Dodgers waited 32 years between World Series championships before winning one this fall. The Cincinnati Reds are at 30 years and counting.

The Ohio Democratic Party can't wait that long to win some statewide elections.

amy murray
Courtesy of WCPO

A lot of folks in and around Cincinnati politics have their shorts all bunched up worrying about who is going to take Republican Amy Murray's place on Cincinnati City Council when she leaves next month to take a job in Donald Trump's Department of Defense. Frankly, I can't even pretend to get worked up about it.