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At a strip mall in College Hill, police officers do weapons checks in the parking lot by a daycare. Rifles and shotguns are locked in police cruisers that are parked next to the cars of people going to the nearby Family Dollar. And officials say there are bullet holes and a crumbling ceiling inside the District 5 police station located in that strip mall. That's why some City Council members are calling for up to $25 million for a new, permanent police station in District 5.


With ongoing protests against police violence and conversations around police reform, Cincinnati Police Union President Sgt. Dan Hils has questions for City Council. In fact, he handed them to council members directly last week.

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For more than two hours on Tuesday, arguments were heard in the Hamilton County Municipal Court regarding the potential dismissal of charges against protesters who were arrested by Cincinnati Police while protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement from May 29 to June 1.

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A violent weekend in Cincinnati has inspired new calls for a ceasefire. Twenty people were shot, five of them killed in different neighborhoods between Friday and Sunday in what police say were unrelated incidents. People gathered at one of the scenes Tuesday evening to discuss ways to prevent more bloodshed.

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The Hamilton County Prosecutor's office is reviewing what police say was an accidental shooting of a man Tuesday. Police Chief Eliot Isaac says District 5 officers saw 37-year-old Andre Thomas selling drugs in Mt. Airy. When they tried to take him in custody, there was a struggle.

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Three 13-year-olds are under arrest and Cincinnati Police are looking for more after a series of attacks on Latinos in East Price Hill.

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A remote restraint designed to de-escalate a situation before a suspect gets hurt is gaining traction nationwide among police departments. On Wednesday, Cincinnati Police and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department got a look at the technology.

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Slightly delayed because of the pandemic, five additional Cincinnati neighborhoods will go online with ShotSpotter by the end of the summer.


In a special meeting of the Citizen Complaint Authority (CCA) Monday, newly elected Chairman Mark Childers read a letter the board is submitting to the Cincinnati city manager, the mayor and council asking for full funding.

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Despite President Trump's intention to send military troops into cities to "dominate" the streets, there appears to be no need for anything like that in Cincinnati, where the demonstrations have been large and loud but largely non-violent.

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Cincinnati Police commanders and the head of Cincinnati's Fraternal Order of Police want Hamilton County judges to start sending more people to jail. FOP President Dan Hils says 149 people have been shot in the city this year; 101 of those happened since stay-at-home orders went into effect.

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A Cincinnati police officer is quarantining at home after testing positive for COVID-19. Two others are self-quarantining while awaiting test results.

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An appeals court has overturned a permanent injunction that prohibited the Citizens Complaint Authority (CCA) from interviewing Cincinnati police during an ongoing criminal investigation. The CCA is responsible for investigating possible police misconduct.

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A group of Cincinnati teens, sponsored by the Children's Law Center, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and the Urban League, is making recommendations to the city of Cincinnati to reduce the number of youth arrests and eliminate racial disparities.

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Officers in Cincinnati Police District 3 have already been trying out new body-worn cameras from Axon Enterprise, Inc. The department Tuesday announced it is getting more than 1,000 Axon Body 3 next generation cameras. Axon says Cincinnati is the first major city agency to use the cameras.

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Hamilton County prosecutors say no charges will be filed against a Cincinnati police officer following a shooting last week in Avondale.

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A 20-year-old man was in critical but stable condition Thursday afternoon, a day after he was shot by a police officer in Avondale. Cincinnati Police say the entire encounter was caught on video but will not be released until after it can be reviewed by the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office.

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Cincinnati Police are investigating the third officer-involved shooting of 2019.

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A Cincinnati Police officer shot a suspect who was "acting erratically and armed with a knife" at Bramble Park in Madisonville Thursday. Police Chief Eliot Isaac says the man who called 911 is the man who was ultimately contacted by police and wounded. The Hamilton County prosecutor says the officer acted heroically.

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A Cincinnati Police captain, suspended in January, could be fired and headed to jail if convicted on federal bribery charges.

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For some Price Hill residents ShotSpotter can't come soon enough. Cincinnati Police will deploy the technology in June in an effort to decrease gun violence. It's already working in Avondale, where officers have seen a 50% decrease in the number of people shot.

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Cincinnati Council is expected to approve funding next week for Price Hill to use ShotSpotter. It's the technology that allows police to pinpoint the source of gunfire. It's already in Avondale, and police say it's reduced the number of people shot in there by 52 percent.

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A police officer was wounded and a suspect fatally shot in the 2600 block of Victory Parkway in East Walnut Hills Friday. 

A police officer was shot Friday afternoon when a shooting occurred in the 2600 block of Victory Parkway.

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Cincinnati's Sentinel Police Association is responding to a federal lawsuit accusing Lt. Danita Pettis of creating a hostile and racist work environment. The civil rights organization and the city of Cincinnati are also among those named in the suit.

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Cincinnati Police officers and others from surrounding communities came together Friday to honor and remember fallen officers on Police Memorial Day.

This year's event began at the Cincinnati Firefighters Memorial Park on Central Avenue. The service traditionally starts on Fountain Square, but it was not available because of a scheduling conflict.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said there are more than 900,000 police officers in the country. But he added that protecting others comes at a price.


Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police President Sgt. Dan Hils says the officers dispatched to Seven Hills School were looking for a female who could not get out of her van, maybe because the electronic locks were malfunctioning.


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Cincinnati Police are investigating the theft of an expensive butterfly from Krohn Conservatory.

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Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Issac is launching an internal investigation and a 911 dispatcher is on administrative leave following the death of 16-year-old Kyle Plush, a Seven Hills student.

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