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Gov. Mike DeWine is making $775 million in budget cuts over the next two months, as the coronavirus pandemic takes a "profound" impact on the state's economy.

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Ohio lawmakers approved the state's two-year operating budget in July, and now local officials are getting projects lined up hoping to be included in the state's capital budget next year.  

Ohio’s high school graduation requirements are changing, with a new set of recommendations for incoming freshmen made by a group of businesses, a charter schools organization and some public schools.

The law also allows the state to take over academically distressed school districts was put on hold. Both of those provisions are in the new two-year state budget approved by lawmakers.

Finally, Ohio has a new two-year operating budget.

It’s almost two weeks into the state’s new budget year, and there’s still no permanent two-year operating budget.

The Ohio Office of Budget Management is instructing state agency directors to keep a close watch on their spending during the 17-day budget extension.

Ohio is operating on a budget extension since lawmakers failed to pass a new two-year state budget by the constitutionally mandated June 30th deadline. Some Democrats are whether time that was spent on a controversial abortion law recently put on hold by a federal court could have been used better hammering out details of the state budget.

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Local governments are waiting on the effects from a delayed state budget. Ohio lawmakers passed a temporary budget over the weekend, because they couldn't agree on a new spending plan for 2020.

With hours to go before the deadline for a two-year operating budget to be signed, the Ohio Senate approved a deal that would extend it for 17 days.

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The Ohio House and Senate are nearing the deadline to pass a state budget for the next fiscal year. The General Assembly must present a budget bill to Governor Mike DeWine by June 30. Which means lawmakers have little time left to work out the hundreds of differences between the House and Senate versions of the budget, including a split over funding school services, water quality monitoring and tax cuts.

The six lawmakers working out the hundreds of differences between the House and Senate versions of the budget are facing some a really big one right off the top – a major split over tax cuts.

The two-year state budget is headed to a conference committee Tuesday to work out significant differences between the House and Senate versions. And there isn’t much time to deal, because the budget must be signed by Sunday night.

The Senate budget passed unanimously this week does not include $36 million that mental health and suicide prevention advocates were hoping would be restored.  That money would been split between treatment and prevention for kids and anti-stigma multi-media campaigns.

The final version of the Ohio Senate’s budget is expected Wednesday. While there will certainly be some proposals added in, some things are unlikely to change – such as the money that goes to a fund that’s been decimated over the last eight years.

The Ohio Senate made many changes to the House budget plan, which includes restoring several tax exemptions such as the tax break for small business owners making up to $250,000 a year. 

Total state tax collections were up 20 percent over estimates for April and 3.1 percent for May. That’s leading the state budget director to revise her projections for a budget surplus for the close of the fiscal year at the end of this month.

There’s a blockbuster battle brewing over a small tax credit that was cut in the House version of the budget.

The two-year state budget proposed by the Ohio House includes some new tax cuts and takes away some tax breaks. 

A new report by a coalition of social service groups says state leaders need to invest in families, Ohio’s seniors and the poorest in the state when they approve the next two-year state budget.