Angela's First Ally Booted Off 'Survivor'

Apr 11, 2018

Talkative male model Chris Noble, the first friend Oregonia's Angela Perkins made on "Survivor: Ghost Island," was voted out of the game Wednesday.

Perkins, the 42-year-old Army vet, was nearly blindsided on the March 7 episode by her Naviti tribemates at Tribal Council because she was a friend of Noble, 27, who had annoyed nearly everyone on the island. He was also seen as a physical threat to win many challenges.

On Wednesday, the three tribes moved into one camp, and everyone celebrated "the merge" with a feast on the beach.

Angela Perkins (left) and Laurel Johnson in Wednesday's episode.
Credit Robert Voets / CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Perkins was seen very little in the show, which centered on a power struggle between Noble and Domenick Abbate, 38, a New York construction supervisor. 

However, she appeared in the preview for the next episode, on April 18 (8 p.m., Channel 12, CBS), in which Abbate clashes and Michael Yerger, 18, from Knoxville. "I want to see the battle of all battles," Perkins said.

The elimination of Noble leaves 12 contestants in the $1-million competition taped last year on Fiji.  "Survivor: Ghost Island" ends 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 23.