Council Trying To Keep Iconic Hudepohl Brewery Smokestack

Mar 27, 2017

Cincinnati Council could vote Wednesday on a funding plan to allow the Port Authority to demolish the former Hudepohl Brewery building on West Sixth Street in Queensgate.

The Port said initial estimates indicated it could take $3.5 million to demolish and remediate the site.  Officials said they are working with contractors to get that number closer to $2 million.

But some council members want to attach a provision for the Port to leave the iconic smokestack standing.

Resident Henry Frondorf also supports trying to save the smokestack.

"Our tax dollars should not be spent to demolish our cultural history," Frondorf said. "If our tax dollars are to be spent on this property, the money should be spent to save the iconic smokestack."

Over-the-Rhine resident Danny Klingler questioned razing the building.

"Is that consistent with who we believe we are as a city and who our identity is that we would spend such a large amount of money to tear an asset down," Klingler said.

The Port Authority purchased the Hudepohl building in 2015.  

The city condemned it in 2007 and again 2009.  Officials said it is in bad shape and it is not economically feasible to save it.  

The Port would clear the site and prepare it for future development efforts.  

Port officials said the smokestack could possibly be saved, but right now there is no funding to do that.  They also would not provide an estimate about much it would cost to preserve it.

The old facility has created some public safety issues as people climb around the building to explore it.