Jury in Tracie Hunter trial likely to be seated today

Sep 8, 2014

Judge Tracie Hunter
Credit Hamilton County Juvenile Court

A jury in the criminal trial of Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter is likely to be seated this morning.

On Monday, the defense and prosecuting attorneys came close to seating a jury, but will attempt to finish the work this morning.

Hunter's lawyer, Clyde Bennett, and the special prosecutors in the case questioned at least half of the 60-person jury pool in a long session Monday, but came up short on finding 12 jurors both sides could agree on.

A number of potential jurors were dismissed by Common Pleas Court Judge Norbert Nadel and others were challenged by lawyers from both sides.

Hunter will stand trial on a nine count indictment which includes tampering with evidence, forgery and theft in office. She's also accused of misusing county credit cards and back-dating court documents.

Hunter took office in May 2012, after an 18-month legal battle. After the 2010 election, she went federal court after losing to Republican John Williams. A U.S. District Court judge ordered that disputed provisional ballots be counted and Hunter won the election. Williams has since been appointed to a vacant juvenile court seat.