Streetcar supporters plan open forum; discussing legal options

Nov 12, 2013

Over-the-Rhine Community members and business owners are rallying support for the streetcar project in the wake of last week's election. They're calling on the mayor-elect and new council members to keep the streetcar moving forward.

Derek dos Anjos owns a seafood restaurant near the streetcar route.

"I moved here two years ago from New York, NY and I've seen first hand what light rail can do for a city," says dos Anjos. "It would be a big shame if we didn't continue the streetcar. My business is depending on it. Mr. Cranley, please don't do this."

Ryan Messer owns a property at 14th St. and Republic. Speaking on behalf of the group, he says it's a little early to talk about legal action but it's not out of the picture. 

"At the end of the day, you have people that have a lot of money out-of-pocket investing in a city, that have that at risk and I think any sensible person would look at legal options to protect their investments and their families," says Messer.

The group is holding a public forum on the streetcar Thursday, November 14 at 7 p.m. at the Mercantile Library.

Mayor elect Cranley hasn't wavered in saying he wants to stop the project, though he says he supports the people's right to petition to stop any action he and the new council may take on the matter.

In a statement following Tuesday's rally, Cranley says, "I respect their passion for Over-the-Rhine and share their goal of building a vibrant neighborhood and city. But, OTR will be better off without the streetcar because it will free up resources for continued Washington Park-like investments.  I am optimistic about OTR's future and will work to ensure its continued growth."