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Hundreds Of Families Uncertain With Their Homes Soon To Be Sold

Tana Weingartner/WVXU
Out-of-state buyer, PE Holdings, took over the Alms Hill Apartments in Walnut Hills 2013.

Hundreds of local families face an uncertain future. For years they have struggled with broken sewer lines, cockroaches and heating problems. Now the families, living in seven low-income housing complexes, could see their homes sold in the coming weeks.

In 2015, the city sued the owner of the seven complexes, New Jersey-based PE Holdings LLC, to force repairs at the Alms Hill Apartments in Walnut Hills. Now the Alms and the other properties will be sold as part of a lawsuit, with Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Curt Hartman making the final decision on the sale.

Here to discuss the sale and the questions surrounding these properties are Cincinnati Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman; Insider Politics and Government reporter Paula Christian; and Walnut Hills Redevelopment FoundationExecutive Director Kevin Wright.