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CPS satisfied with security; new lock-down plan to come

The Cincinnati School District is getting high marks for its safety and security.

Every year CPS Director of School Services Bill Moehring gives the school board an overview of the security measures in place. After the violence in Newtown, Connecticut there was renewed interest.

Moehring told administrators the district has as many emergency security features as a school district could have. There are secure entrances, restricted employee access, lock-down buttons, cameras, and a secure visitor sign-in. The policies have been developed in conjunction with Cincinnati Police and Fire.

"We're a team pretty much. We've gone to a lot of their trainings. They've gone to a lot of our trainings. They've actually conducted some of our trainings and to quote one police officer, he gives us an "A." He says we're as good as he's seen anywhere in the country."

Moehring says CPS and Cincinnati emergency responders will eventually put in place a different lock-down procedure. The A.L.I.C.E. program, developed by a Texas educator and police officer, stands for Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter and Evacuate. In part, it teaches administrators, teachers and students how to fight back if attacked.