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Darbi Boddy cited for violating protection order after appearing at school board committee meeting

Lakota board member Darbi Boddy at Community Listening Session
Zack Carreon
Lakota board member Darbi Boddy at Community Listening Session

The Lakota Local School Board of Education will hold a special meeting Monday and its most controversial member is not expected to attend.

According to an incident report from the Butler County Sheriff's Office, board member Darbi Boddy was cited for violating a protection order filed by fellow board member Isaac Adi when she showed up to a board committee meeting last Friday morning.

Adi was granted the protection order in September after he claimed Boddy stalked and harassed him while the two have served on the board. Boddy was ordered to stay 500 feet from Adi, but she was soon granted a temporary stay on the order that allowed her to attend meetings in person with some restrictions.

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Previously, Boddy had requested to have the protection order overturned, but last week the request was dismissed by three judges in Ohio's 12th District Court of Appeals, who said she failed to object to the magistrate's report before filing her notice of appeal, so she cannot challenge the order.

Friday morning's committee meeting was the first time the school board had met since the court's dismissal. It now appears the temporary stay on the restraining order that allows Boddy to attend meetings is no longer in place.

In a statement, Boddy's attorney Robert Croskery wrote that she has been asked to not attend Monday's school board meeting and he says they plan to fight the citation in court.

"We believe this to be legally wrong, as no appellate decision on the merits has been rendered, and the modification is in effect until a decision has been made on the serious problems with the order," Croskery stated.

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Croskery went on to say they have added former Judge Curt Harman to Boddy's legal team. Hartman was previously involved in another case surrounding the Lakota School Board where the board was ordered to reinstate the public comment portion of its meetings.

A spokesperson for Lakota Schools did not respond to WVXU's request for comment in time for this article's release.

Adi's attorney Robert Lyons has also not yet responded to a request for comment.

Boddy will appear in Butler County Area Court II next Wednesday morning.

Robert Lyons is a Butler County Area Court judge but serves in Court I.

Zack Carreon is Education reporter for WVXU, covering local school districts and higher education in the Tri-State area.