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Restoration Efforts At Oak Glen After Oil Spill

Tana Weingartner/WVXU
A tube containing an oil collecting boom stands in the widened creek bed next to a sign designating a portion of the clean up. The green grassy material covering the hillside is actually an invasive stiltgrass tracked in by work crews. (2016)

In March, 2014, Hamilton County Park rangers at the Oak Glen Nature Preserve discovered an underground pipeline running through the preserve had ruptured, releasing approximately 20,000 gallons of crude oil. Cleanup began almost immediately and most of the oil was recovered, but the preserve's habitat was severely damaged and restoration efforts are still underway.

Joining us to discuss the damage caused by the oil leak and what is being done to help restore Oak Glen Nature Preserve are Great Parks of Hamilton County Executive Director Jack Sutton and Natural Resources Director Bret Henninger.

WVXU's Tana Weingartner reported on the oil leak and restoration efforts at Oak Glen Nature Preserve, to read her stories click here