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How To Dispose Of Cardboard Boxes This Holiday Season

cardboard box recycling

For more than 25 years, Cincinnati residents have diverted approximately 350,000 tons of material from landfills, according to Cincinnati’s Office of Environment & Sustainability. This holiday season, the city hopes to continue that trend.

The city is urging residents to practice good environmental stewardship by properly disposing of wrapping paper and cardboard in their recycling bins with these four tips:

  1. Remove any Styrofoam, plastic bags or non-paper packaging from the box and place them in the garbage
  2. Use a box cutter to make sure cardboard pieces are no bigger than 3' x 3'
  3. Flatten and place the pieces in your recycling cart, or stack them next to your recycling cart. You can also take them to a community recycling dumpster
  4. To make sure you don't advertise the arrival of a new TV, computer or other valuable item in your home, use a free community drop-off site or place cardboard with item description face down in the middle of the cardboard stack

On nationally recognized holidays, trash and recycling will be collected the following day.
If you don’t already have a recycling cart, you can contact the city of Cincinnati to be issued a cart that suites your household size. Each of Hamilton County’s 48 jurisdictions has different recycling rules, so be mindful. If you don’t want to purchase a cart, there are free recycling drop off containers located across Cincinnati that will take your holiday cardboard scraps.

If you have questions, contact the city of Cincinnati at 513-352-3200 or cincinnatirecycles.org.

This article was first published on Dec. 13, 2018 and has been updated.