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Recognizing The Signs Of And Preventing Elder Abuse, available for use

Elder abuse is a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of elderly individuals in the form of physical, sexual, psychological, financial abuse, exploitation and neglect. To help protect the elderly in Kentucky, last November then-Governor Steve Beshear signed an emergency regulation, effective as of the first of this year, requiring 1,300 health care providers for the elderly to obtain national background checks for new employees.

Joining us discuss elder abuse and ways to prevent it are Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio Vice President of Communications Laurie Petrie; Attorney at Law for Pro Seniors, Inc., Amy Kurlansky; Associate Director of Human Services for the Northern Kentucky Area Development District, Anne Wildman; and District Long Term Care Ombudsman for the Northern Kentucky Area Development District, Bethany Breckel.

If you or a senior you know may need shelter from an abusive situation, contact The Shalom Center at Cedar Village, call 888-295-7453 or email The Shalom Center is the only shelter specializing in senior care in Ohio. To report abuse, in Hamilton County call 513-421-5433; in Ohio, 866-635-3748; in Kentucky, 822-572-6200; in Indiana, 800-992-6978.