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Medical Marijuana: Ohio Patients Waiting Through Program Delays

Ohio's long-awaited medical marijuana program was slated to rollout last week. That didn't happen. Establishing a regulated and safe industry has proved to be a long process, with delays that have put off the September 8th deadline that was written into law.

Among these delays, cultivation is one key factor. Of the 26 businesses currently selected to grow cannabis, only four have passed inspection to begin planting this summer. A registry of medical marijuana patients and caregivers was supposed to be up and running this month. That too has been delayed. The best prediction on when medical marijuana will be available for purchase in Ohio is the end of the year at earliest.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss Ohio's medical marijuana program and questions patients may have are Ohio Medical Marijuana License Holder Coalition Executive Director andRoetzel Consulting Solutions Assistant Director Alex Thomas;Ohio Marijuana Card Medical Director Dr. Timothy Thress; and with the Cincinnati Enquirer Health reporter Anne Saker (@apsaker) and Development reporter Randy Tucker (@rstucker612).

Tune in to Cincinnati Edition September 10 starting at 1 p.m. to hear this segment.