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The latest stop for a camera lawsuit: Dayton

Dayton is facing a lawsuit over traffic cameras. It's the third such suit filed by attorney Mike Allen who has battled the villages of Elmwood Place and New Miami.

Allen, other attorneys and drivers they represent claim Dayton, using both speed and red-light cameras, fails to provide adequate due process as guaranteed by the Constitution. Allen claims ticketed motorists can challenge the citation, but cannot bring in witnesses, obtain discovery or get documents showing whether the camera system was operating correctly.

According to Allen, "We are not saying that these devices can't be a valuable law enforcement tool. We are saying that if the government wants to impose fines on citizens, it has an obligation to give the citizens a fair chance to defend themselves."

Revenue generated is split between the camera company, Redflex Traffic Systems, and Dayton:

  • 2013 $2,698.163.44
  • 2012 $3,546,483.71
  • 2011 $985,333.03
  • 2010 $86,450.28
  • 2009 $126,228.89

The Dayton Department of Law didn't respond to WVXU's request for comment.
Supporters say traffic cameras stretch police resources and make communities safer.