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Cincy Council could double human services funding

Jay Hanselman

A Cincinnati Council committee will likely vote in two weeks to double the amount of money the city provides for human services funding.  But it will also change the priorities for how those dollars are spent.  

Right now 54 programs share the city's $1.5 million. It could double to $3 million for the next fiscal year which starts on July 1st.  

The United Way manages the city's human services program, and Sonya Turner with the agency addressed the committee Monday.

“The current discussion that we’re having around focus and priorities is required because the funding is so limited,” Turner said.  “With current levels of funding, the only way to achieve community level impact is to focus on one goal.  With additional funding more goals could be added.”

The proposed $3 million would be split evenly between efforts to reduce homelessness and to increase employment opportunities.  Funding for violence reduction would be temporarily suspended while such programs are reviewed and the city finds ways to further increase human services funding.

Council Member Yvette Simpsons said Council will be looking for results.

“We’re seeing this outcome move from here to here,” Simpson said.  “From a policymaking standpoint that’s really the most important thing is us being able to say that we as a city are investing along with our community partners and we’re actually seeing our community over time really move the ball.”

If the changes are approved they would take effect July 1st, when the city's new fiscal year begins.