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The Hunt For A Heroin Dealer


Cincinnati area police are on the hunt for the source of a tainted heroin batch that caused 21 people to overdose in 24 hours Tuesday in the areas of Price Hill, Camp Washington and the Beekman Street Corridor. All have recovered after emergency personnel administered Narcan.

Police spokesman Lt. Steve Saunders says detectives are talking directly to the sources to find the dealer. "Our investigators will go to those individuals who used the drugs and overdosed on those drugs to try and get some information from them. People know, that are not users; family members, friends, neighbors might know who the someone is."

Saunders is hoping somebody got the dealer's license plate number or took a picture.

Cincinnati Police are working with the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force to find the dealer who gave users heroin tainted with Fentanyl or an animal tranquilizer such as Carfentanil. Any drugs that may have been found at the various scenes will be analyzed.

Police became so concerned after ten people had overdosed between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night, they issued warnings on social media.