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Overdose deaths in Hamilton Co. dropped in 2022 An expansion at the jail aims to lower them further

Bill Rinehart

Hamilton County officials say overdose deaths are down 16% from last year. And more help could be coming with the addition of a new treatment center in the Downtown jail.

More than three-quarters of people who died of overdoses in 2021 had previously spent time in the Hamilton County Justice Center. But two wings newly converted from office and storage space have 92 beds dedicated to clinical treatment of addiction and mental health issues. They should open this summer.

The expansion comes as the county makes some progress in fighting the ongoing opioid epidemic. According to a report released Friday by the Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition, there were 433 deaths last year, down from a peak of 570 in 2017 and 515 in 2021.

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Officials credit addiction prevention, treatment and law enforcement efforts along with factors like the availability of the anti-overdose medication naloxone.

You can read the full Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition report here.

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