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Measles case suspected in Clermont County

Ray Pfeffer

Measles may have returned to the Tri-State. Clermont County Public Health is investigating a potential case. Assistant Health Commissioner Maalinii Vijayan says there's an effort now to find out how the person was infected.

"As you already know, it's a very highly contagious virus, so we go back four days to try to establish a contact list of everybody that they have come in contact with."

Last month, health officials said there was a possible exposure to an infected patient at CVG, and a case was identified at Dayton Children's Hospital.

She says symptoms, including the infamous red spots, typically show up within 7 to 14 days after exposure.

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"Those symptoms that you initially notice: high fever, red and watery eyes. Cough and sneeze and runny nose are the other symptoms, in addition to the rash."

The CDC says young children and adults over 20 are more likely to suffer from complications, ranging from ear infections and diarrhea to pneumonia and encephalitis.

Vijayan says it's never too late to get vaccinated. "The measles/mumps/rubella vaccine is highly effective and protecting people against the measles virus," she says. "If you have not received the MMR vaccine you can talk to your healthcare provider." She says the vaccine is 97% effective at preventing infection.

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