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Cincinnati's Tyshawn Colquitt's Still On The Voice!

We were delighted when Tyshawn Colquitt, one of the Cincinnati contestants still in the running to win NBC's The Voice, dropped by the studio this morning, October 29th, to talk with Elaine Diehl about his experiences on the program and being mentored on Team Jennifer.

Elaine Diehl & Tyshawn Colquitt in WVXU's studio October 29th

During their conversation, Tyshawn talks about what it was like singing during the blind auditions and what he felt to have both Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton turn their chairs during his 90-second song performance.

He also talked about going to school here in Cincinnati at SCPA, the World Choir Games, and performing in Beijing's Forbidden City.  Tyshawn discussed how thrilling it was to receive a Presidential Award scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music.

And, finally, the importance of love when preparing a pound cake was addressed and what song Tyshawn would sing when he delivered a cake to Elaine sometime in the future.

Tyshawn Colquitt survived the blind auditions on The Voice, the battles, and this week will appear in the knockout rounds.  The Voice airs on NBC at 8pm eastern on Monday and Tuesday evenings.