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Democrats not satisfied with Ohio elections directive


Hundreds of Hamilton County Democrats want a federal court to intervene forcing the Board of Elections to have Saturday hours for the month leading up to the presidential election.

The overflow crowd at a Hamilton County Board of Elections meeting extended out into the hallway as Democrats clamored for something to be done. They say Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted's directive didn't go far enough without Saturday hours for early voting.

Board Democrat Caleb Faux got right to the point.

"The fact of the matter is we had more access in 2008. And the fact of the matter is also that just last year the legislature made an attempt to eliminate election month."

He and the other board members acknowledged nothing could be done without a federal court challenge.

Republican Alex Triantafilou took issue with Faux and the crowd by saying there is an unprecedented number of ways somebody can cast a ballot. He says the board is sending absentee voter applications to everyone and there is a 24/7 drop box at the board.

"It has never been easier to cast a ballot ever and much of what is being said today, frankly, with all respect, is coming from a strong partisan position looking to make a point and that's what we just heard again. I'm not going to let it stand in the public arena."

Triantafilou says its the responsibility of the board of elections to create fair standards and that's what Secretary Husted has done.