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Impact Cincinnati for October 18, 2012

With less than one month until the general election, the candidates, along with their campaigns and supporters, are pulling out all the stops to sway voters their way, especially in Ohio, a key, if not essential, prize in winning the presidency.

Join us Thursday morning at 9:20 October 18, as we gauge the current status of the presidential campaigns. You can send your questions to We’re also on Twitter. Impact Cincinnati, on 91.7, WVXU.

Our guests on Impact Cincinnati this week are Xavier University Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology, Dr. Mack D. Marianii, University of Cincinnati’s McMicken College of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor of Political Science, Dr. Stephen Mockabee, and WVXU Political Reporter Howard Wilkinson.

Maryanne Zeleznik is responsible for all news and public affairs programming at WVXU. She also hosts Morning Edition Monday through Friday.