Cincinnati officials could investigate USquare Development

Nov 1, 2012

Rendering of USquare Development neat UC.
Credit From Towne Properties website

Three Cincinnati Council Members are asking city administrators to investigate pay issues involving some workers at the USquare Development near the University of Cincinnati. 

They allege some sub-contractors aren't paying their employees the correct hourly wages.

Council Members Laure Quinlivan, Cecil Thomas and Wendell Young talked to some carpentry workers on the residential portion of the USquare Development who said they're being paid a flat weekly rate of $400 or $500 instead of $23.71 per hour.  That's the prevailing wage for that work in the city's development agreement for USquare. 

The state of Ohio has ruled the developers do not have to pay that rate on the private portion of the development, which includes apartment, retail and office space. 

But Towne Properties and Al Neyer Incorporated agreed to honor the higher amount and told the Council Members they have been doing so. 

The full Council could soon be asked to vote on a motion asking administrators to investigate the issues.