Cincinnatians remember Libyan Ambassador Stevens

Sep 14, 2012

Christopher Stevens, the former ambassador to Libya killed Tuesday, is being remembered around the world and right here in Cincinnati.

At the busy corner of Clifton and Martin Luther King a group of people, led by the UC Muslim Students Association, gathered to pay tribute to Libyan Ambassador Stevens and anyone who they say stands for peace.

"Honk for peace."

That was Aileen Fraser who started crying when asked why she came to the remembrance which was 40 strong and growing at 4:00.

"With what we've been going through the last years, the Muslims are being blamed for things that aren't necessarily in their control. There are some militants that are doing some things and it breaks my heart."

Organizers said they thought a lot of Ambassador Stevens and his support of the Arab Spring. Adilah Ahmad held a bouquet of flowers.

"Violence isn't the answer. I mean we're upset about the movie but killing people is not going to make it right."

Others said no religion accepts killing innocent people.