Lytle Tunnel rehab being planned

Apr 8, 2013

The Ohio Department of Transportation is planning a major renovation for the Lytle Tunnel.  Some of the work will begin later this year.

The project includes sealing tunnel joints, replacing tiling, and upgrading obsolete lighting and electric systems.

A second phase of the project consists of replacing and expanding the tunnel’s ventilation system.  That will require modifications to Lytle Park above the tunnel.

City Transportation and Engineering Director Michael Moore updated Council's Budget and Finance Committee Monday about the project.

“Lytle Park in some places will require some substantial rebuilding in and of itself,” Moore said.  “And the Ohio Department of Transportation has agreed to help with that.”

Large portions of the park will be peeled off and temporarily leave “big holes” in the park.

ODOT is working the city’s Park Board on the plan.

The tunnel renovation will require lane closures when construction starts.  The city says it will help provide adequate notice to drivers about the schedule.

The city is the owner of Lytle Tunnel, which supports portions of Fourth Street, Fifth Street, Lytle Street, Pike Street and Lytle Park.  The state has an easement under and through it for highway purposes for I-71 and the Third Street ramp.