Ohio Board of Education to Consider Delaying Overall Grades for School Districts

May 14, 2018
Originally published on May 13, 2018 8:29 pm

The Ohio Board of Education will consider a resolution this week delaying a major piece of the state’s school report cards.

State Board of Education members will consider postponing the implementation of the final piece of the A-F grading system — the summary grades for schools and school districts.

The 2017-18 report cards will be the first time schools will receive an overall grade, made up of more than a dozen scores on things like academic progress, graduation rates, and K-3rd grade literacy.

Board member Kara Morgan says after pushback from educators, both lawmakers and state board are considering potential changes to the grading system, but those changes haven’t yet been determined.

“Certainly some changes will be made and it’s premature to put into place a composite score that’s going to be wrapping all those pieces together," Morgan says. 

The General Assembly would have to approve legislation to delay the implementation of the summative grades.

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