Remembering Doris Day With 24-Hour Movie Marathon

May 20, 2019

Cincinnati native Doris Day, who parlayed her wholesome "girl next door" image into an award-winning movie and music career, will be celebrated with a 24-hour marathon of her movies on TCM Sunday, June 9.

Day died from pneumonia May 13 at her California home. She was 97. Here's a link to my story about Day's Cincinnati childhood and Hollywood career.

The 12 films include Romance on the High Seas, her 1948 film debut; Please Don't Eat The Daisies which made her the top box office draw in the early 1960s; Pillow Talk, her only Oscar-nominated performance; Calamity Jane, her wild West romp; two films (Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back) with Rock Hudson; and Move Over Darling with James Garner. TCM also will air a 15-minute Day interview from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in 1976.

Doris Day and Terry-Thomas in 'Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?' in 1968.
Credit Courtesy MGM

The June 9 lineup:

6 a.m. Romance on the High Seas (1948) - A singer on a Caribbean cruise gets mixed up in a series of romantic problems. Day's movie premiere with Don DeFore, Oscar Levant, Jack Carson.

8 a.m. My Dream Is Yours (1949) – A talent scout turns a young unknown into a radio singing star. With Jack Carson, Eve Arden, Edgar Kennedy.

10 a.m. Tea For Two (1950) – An heiress has to say no to every question for 24 hours if she wants to star on Broadway. With Gordon MacRae, Eve Arden, Billy De Wolfe.

11:45 a.m. On Moonlight Bay (1951) – A small-town tomboy falls for the boy-next-door in the years before World War I. With Gordon MacRae.

Doris Day made 39 films and starred in two TV series in 25 years (1948-73).
Credit Courtesy CBS

1:30 p.m. Carson on TCM: Doris Day (1976) – Doris Day tells Johnny Carson about her new autobiography. She shot down her screen image as a virgin (which she found boring), revealed why she never wanted to be an actress; and explains why she thinks couples should live together before marriage.

1:45 p.m. Love Me or Leave Me (1955) – True story of torch singer Ruth Etting's struggle to escape the gangster who made her a star. With James Cagney.

4 p.m. Calamity Jane (1953) – The Wild West heroine helps bring a star attraction to Deadwood and finds love. With Howard Keel.

6 p.m. Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960) - A drama critic and his family try to adjust to life in the country. With David Niven, Janis Paige, Jack Weston.

8 p.m. Pillow Talk (1959) - A man and woman carry their feud over the telephone line they share into their real lives. With Rock Hudson, Tony Randall.

10 p.m. Lover Come Back (1961) – An ad exec in disguise courts his pretty female competitor. With Rock Hudson, Tony Randall, Edie Adams, Ann B. Davis, Jack Albertson.

Midnight Move Over Darling (1963) – Five years after a woman disappeared in the sea after a plane crash, her husband remarries and sets off to be with the new wife only to be confronted by the woman he had pronounced legally dead. With James Garner, Polly Bergen, Don Knotts, Edgar Buchanan.

2 a.m. The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) – A woman writing a scientist’s biography is mistaken for a spy. With Rod Taylor, Paul Lynde, Dom LeLuise, Dick Martin, Arthur Godfrey.

4 a.m. Julie (1956) – A stewardess is stalked by her psychotic estranged husband. With Louis Jourdan, Barry Sullivan.