Streetcar Operators To Be Hired Soon

Mar 1, 2016

Credit Bill Rinehart / WVXU

The company that will be handling Cincinnati's streetcars said it is close to hiring the first ten operators.  

Transdev General Manager John Claflin told a city council committee Tuesday it will begin training on April 4th in three classes.

“What I like to do and the reason I do this, we need to buddy up,” Claflin said.  “We need to train the trainer to work with each of the operators by bringing them into small classes so they have one-on-one supervision and training.”

Some of the hands-on training will happen in August during “dry-run” testing for the streetcar.  

Claflin said several retired bus drivers have expressed interest in being streetcar operators.  

Meanwhile, a Cincinnati Metro rep said the agency is studying the possibility of letting people buy an annual pass to ride the streetcar.  There will also likely be some "fare deals" when service begins in September.