Time to pay delinquent taxes running out

Nov 21, 2012

Kentucky's tax amnesty is winding down and the officials running it are expecting the response during the final days to be overwhelming.  The program started October 1.  Mack Gillim with the Department of Revenue said more than 11,000 applications have come in so far.

"Of that, a little over 9,000 were in-state applications and almost 2,000 out of state," said Gillim.  "We've had over 23,000 phone calls and 46,000 plus visits to our website."

Gillim said, based on Kentucky's previous amnesty programs, there could be another 20,000 or so applications. 

Through November 30, people and businesses owing back taxes to Kentucky can pay up without penalties or fees and with the interest owed cut in half.  After that, those items go back in effect.

Kentucky last conducted an amnesty in 2002. Officials say it netted the state more than $40 million.