Trump's Slump, Biden's VP Pick And More To Discuss With Political Junkies

Jul 30, 2020

The national response to COVID-19 is virtually non-existent, critics of the Trump administration have argued. That has left states to fend for themselves with varied results, and now many are finding themselves staring at hotspot status as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Meanwhile, the pandemic's spread coincides with a marked drop in President Trump's approval rating and his polling numbers against Democratic candidate Joe Biden in this year's presidential contest. 

Biden, however, has a major decision to make: Who will be his running mate? The decision is expected in the coming days.

We have a full hour with the Political Junkie Ken Rudin, University of Oklahoma Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Rachel Blum, and WVXU Senior Political Analyst Howard Wilkinson. Cincinnati Edition will take your calls at 513-419-7100 and emails at

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